Repairon was founded in 2014 on the pioneering work of Prof Wolfram Zimmermann and his team, who have developed several tissue engineering technologies with documented applicability in organ repair. Related intellectual property was exclusively licensed by Repairon to allow the commercialization of Repairon’s innovative tissue engineered products.
With Series A financing in 2017, Repairon was able to enter into a strong strategic partnership with the Medical School in Göttingen and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research. Through this public/private partnership it was possible to take the lead therapeutic product (engineered human myocardium, EHM) from the R&D stage through pre-clinical characterization into clinical development and to establish a solid basis for commercial product development, including

  • 1. A strong IP position for enabling platform technologies - EHM Patch and Pouch (contractile, paracrine), 3-D processing, hypo-immunogenic tissues
  • 2. Strong data for safety, feasibility and function from pre-clinical models
  • 3. GMP manufacturing authorization for EHM investigational medicinal products
  • 4. Authorization for the first clinical trial worldwide aiming at sustainable re-muscularization of the failing heart: BioVAT-HF trial - Ventricular Assist Tissue for Heart Failure
  • 5. A fully characterized iPSC-line with freedom to operate for commercial use
  • 6. Proof-of-concept for the generation of hypo-immunogenic tissues from a proprietary genetically tailored iPSC line
  • 7. Process scale-up for commercial product supply

With Repairon's lead product entering clinical developmement and the achievement of important milestones for commercialization, Repairon has sucessfully arrived at a value inflection point, that warrants further investments to take EHM's through clinical development and to expand its product portolio in the EU and US.

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