Repairon’s scientific founder Prof. Zimmermann and his team have demonstrated in a comprehensive set of preclinical studies that engineered heart muscle (EHM) can be delivered surgically to remuscularize the failing heart. The underlying tissue engineering technologies have been successfully translated to build human heart muscle for clinical use. Based on the huge unmet medical need for the development of new regenerative treatment modalities for patients suffering from advanced heart failure, Repairon’s lead product is developed to remuscularize and thereby structurally and functionally support the failing human heart. The unmet need for remuscularization in this patient population is underscored by
(1) high mortality - 20% of the affected patients die within one and 50% die within 5 years of being diagnosed with heart failure - and
(2) low quality of life.
The market size of heart failure therapeutics is estimate at $3.2 billion in 2015 and $11.8 billion by 2025.

The therapeutic products are tissue Patches and Pouches (Biological Ventricular Assist Tissues) for the treatment of patients with heart failure caused by ischemic or dilatative cardiomyopathies (ICM/DCM), that are generated from an iPSC line by proprietary processes and manufacturing technologies.

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