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repairon today


  • Repairon Co-Founder, Prof. Zimmermann, shares his thought in panel discussion at the Falling Walls Science Summit 2023 in Berlin (link to video).

  • BioVAT-HF Phase 1/2 reveals first evidence for effective heart repair in Advanced Heart Failure (Download pdf)

  • Repairon appoints Co-Founder Dr. Lothar Germeroth as Chief Executive Officer (Download pdf)

  • Repairon announces completion of dose-finding part of BioVAT-HF Phase 1/2 trial in Advanced Heart Failure (Download pdf)


  • BioVAT-HF: dose escalation completed with 9 patients treated – expected report of data in Q1/2023

  • Upscaling of cell production from T-flasks to stirred-tank Bioreactor

  • Upscaling of EHM patch from 1x (40x106 cells) to 10x EHM (400x106 cells)

  • 2nd generation hypoimmune product for pre-clinical testing

  • (Statement after confirmation by DSMB in Q1)


  • First patient treated in BioVAT-HF study

  • Seed financing - 3rd round, including support from Sana Biotech

  • Experimental proof of concept for hypoimmune tissue approach

  • Own patent applications for process-related IP


  • Clinical Trial authorisation (CTA) for BioVAT-HF

  • GMP manufacturing authorization for IMP (investigational medicinal product)

  • Extension of core-IP license

  • Successfull validation of iPSC line for safety and function

2014 - 2019

  • Seed financing - 2nd round

  • GMP compliant manufacturing process established

  • Set-up of a GMP compliant iPSC working cell bank (WCB)

  • Acquisition of a GMP-grade iPSC line with commercial freedom to operate

  • Own patent applications for process-related IP

  • Licensing of IP for hypo-immune tissues (2nd generation products)

  • Licensing of additional IP to secure freedom to operate

  • Collaboration agreement with University of Göttingen Medical School (UMG)

  • Seed financing - 1st round

  • Appointment of Dr. Rainer Knaus as CEO

  • Licensing of core-IP

  • Company foundation

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