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repairon healing hearts cells
repairon healing hearts


repairon healing hearts
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Repairon’s Lead Product –
Engineered Heart Muscle (EHM)

Repairon’s scientific founder Prof. Zimmermann and his team have demonstrated in a comprehensive set of preclinical studies that engineered heart muscle (EHM) can be delivered surgically to remuscularize the failing heart. The underlying tissue engineering technologies have been successfully translated to build human heart muscle for clinical use. Based on the huge unmet medical need for the development of new regenerative treatment modalities for patients suffering from advanced heart failure, Repairon’s lead product is developed to remuscularize and thereby structurally and functionally support the failing human heart. The unmet need for remuscularization in this patient population is underscored by 


  1. high mortality

  2. low quality of life

With app. 3 Million new heart failure patients in the US and EU every year, Repairon’s products target a large and increasing patient population with an urgent need  for a treatment option that can restore heart function and significantly improve their quality of life.

Engineered Heart Muscle

Our first generation proprietary products are based on self-contracting engineered heart muscle tissues (EHM) for the treatment of patients with advanced heart failure. 

repairon Abb3-300dpi-RGB-EH06c-01.jpg

EHMs can be generated as Patches for locally targeted heart repair, e.g., in patients with ischemic heart failure, or in form of Pouches for the support of enlarged, functionally impaired hearts such as found in dilated cardiomyopathy. EHM are produced from a comprehensively characterized induced pluripotent stem cell line for off-the shelf administration as allografts under concomitant well-tolerated immune suppression.

Our second generation proprietary products are based on engineered derivatives of our approved iPSC line from which we generate
a. hypo-immune EHM


b. EHM for co-delivering of defined protective / regeneration enhancing factors.

This will allow us to 

a. reduce/eliminate the need for immune suppression 


b. enhance efficacy of our tissue engineered products by the local delivery of pharmacologically active proteins or nucleotides as disease modifiers.

Our first tissue engineered product in clinical development is a collagen-based engineered heart muscle (EHM) patch at individual dose units with 40x40x1 mm dimensions constructed from 40 million cardiomyocytes and stromal cells. Stacking and fusion of EHM is exploited for dose adaptations (up to 20 EHM constructed from 800 million cells). Allometric scaling is feasible for precise dose adjustments.

EHM allografts can be produced on stock and delivered as off-the-shelf products for individual assembly to meet clinical dosing and size demands. EHM are administered by minimal invasive surgery onto the beating heart.

repairon healing hearts
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