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repairon healing hearts cells
repairon healing hearts


repairon healing hearts

How Engineered Heart Muscle Patches Are Generated 

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The Cell-line From Which The Heart Tissue Is Generated

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The iPSC line has been generated from hematopoietic stem cells that were isolated from a  cord blood donation and subsequently re-programmed using a standard Yamanaka protocol | 1 |.

A Master Cell Bank and a Working Cell Bank were generated | 2 | and extensively tested to confirm that the line complies with all regulatory requirements | 3 |

How We Generate Our Product

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Repairon’s heart muscle tissue is based on an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line, from which in a first step, cardiomyocytes and stromal cells are generated | 1 | 2 | In a second step these cells are formulated in a collagen hydrogel to support their self-organization into force-generating Engineered Heart Muscle (EHM) for a use as Biological Ventricular Assist Tissue (BioVAT) | 3 |

repairon healing hearts

Functional Cardiomyocytes & Heart Tissue

Anker Videos

Spontaneously beating Cardiomyocyte cluster

Spontaneously contracting EHM patch 

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